Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today I was wondering

Why the Battle we fight is such a hard one; specifically why is it so hard to lead a focused and balanced spiritual life as well as juggling everyday tasks. I'm in the throes of finals now and it's nigh impossible to keep on point with schoolwork. Then it dawned on me that we fight a two front battle. We're distracted from our spiritual life so often because our livelihood is clamoring for attention.

But the kicker is as we neglect our spiritual life to attack the counterpart, we find ourselves struggling even more. Oh, how powerless we are without His grace. I recognize (for those theologically minded who can find loopholes in my argument) of course that the two are inexorable weaving in and out of each other. The purpose of this note is merely to temporarily separate the two as white and yolk to point out the differences in a unified body.

Take Hitler's war, on one front was the Brits and Yanks, and at the backdoor Russia was slowly pounding it's way in. The World war is considered as a whole in our days, but I would bet Hitler didn't see it so singularly. Just something to think on.

-Buck Beymer

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